Special Thanks

        In reading our mission statement you will notice the last job shop I worked for was Fala Technologies located in Kingston NY.  They have been in business for about 60 years and have actually developed a product line (which is the aspiration of every job shop owner you will talk to), that being the number 1 bearing manufacturer in the world, but they still continue on with the prototype 1 and 2 piece lots.  When I first decided to get back into this industry I called them to see if they needed some work done to help me get started, as it turned out many of the people I worked with at that time were still there and the new people I never met were incredibly good to work with (they are a very stable, employee oriented type of company and most people donít leave them once they have worked with them, (during the recent economic cut backs they didnít lay off 1 person, they worked together to get through everything) they are not the normal corporation, they are dedicated to their employees; sort of how things used to be.  In any event they helped this shop get off the ground and up to speed with all the current technologies; from new tooling to the needed software to compete in the currently market place and supplied this shop with and incredible amount of work for a startup company.

Thanks again to all the people at Fala.

You can visit their web page at falatech.com